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wpTracker Logo Last Version: 3.3.0 ()
A notification icon that indicated which monitor's wallpaper Windows changed last, and at what time.
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MessagePop Logo Last Version: 1.2.5 ()
Used to display a message, set via command line arguments, in an always-on-top popup window.
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champCM Logo Last Version: ()
The software I use to construct this website! It's a modified version of champ, which is a static site generator.
It takes a bunch of .md files and uses a CommonMark markdown parser to convert them to HTML.
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Wacom Tablet Sizing Templates

Last Version: 1.0 ()
Printable diagrams to illustrate how screen layout and area translate to Wacom tablet active area, i.e. how much usable room you really get with each tablet size.
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Print-Your-Own ARIA Award

Last Version: 5.2 ()
Create your own, customised paper-craft ARIA Award by typing in your name, choosing the category, and hitting print!
WARNING: Built with Macromedia/Shockwave/Adobe Flash
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